Katie Lou Bags by Lou LouHi! I’m Katie Lou and welcome to Bags by Lou Lou!

I am a Gold Coast artisan with a passion for creating beautiful and unique handcrafted bags, purses and gifts. Each of my pieces are made with heart and soul so that each custom design is completely individual. I love being able to sew during my down time and creating pieces that no one else will have. I also find it very calming and relaxing and my sewing room is my little retreat.

I am especially passionate about sharing this wonderful skill with others through my sewing classes where participants can create stunning handmade pieces that are one of a kind. My focus and specialty is in bag making so unfortunately I do not offer dressmaking classes.

It’s unfortunate that here in Australia less and less people, especially young people, learn how to sew. Private classes are also available but again, my focus is on basic sewing, bag making, wallets, fairy wings, soft toys and accessories.

It brings me so much joy creating individual pieces for customers so if you know what you’d like but haven’t found it yet, go ahead and contact me – I love a chat! Or if you’d like to learn how to make a bag or wallet or something you’ve seen on my page, contact me and we can get together and create your very own masterpiece!


Katie xoxo